Skin Checks and Treatments

Offering skin checks, minor skin procedures and specific skin treatments to patients of all ages.
The Doctors at Bribie MediPlus can assist you with all your skincare needs. From annual skin checks, to skin treatments and acne consultations, you’re in experienced hands.
Whether you are naturally fair skinned, covered with moles or tan without burning, regular skin checks are needed in Australia.

You can easily schedule your annual skin check or an individual spot check with one of the GPs in clinic at Bribie MediPlus.

Regular skin checks are particularly recommended in Queensland due to our high rates of skin cancer, as they help increase the chance of picking up potential skin concerns early.

If required, our Doctors can also perform minor surgery including biopsies, removal of lesions and some skin cancers and cysts in clinic for your convenience.

Skin Treatments

Here at Bribie MediPlus, we offer patients a variety of effective treatments to help improve the appearance of age spots (brown spots) and pigmentation.

Because every patient is unique, a simple consultation will help your Doctor better understand your needs and recommend the ideal treatment/s to achieve results that will boost your confidence and sense of well-being.

Some patients choose to further rewind the feeling of ageing by combining treatment options on brown spots with anti-ageing injectables.

Acne Consultations

Suffering from unwanted acne or breakouts?

The GPs at Bribie Mediplus offer a range of options to stop those breakouts and minimise recurring pimples, breakouts and other skin problems, no matter your age!

Speak with our reception team today to learn more or book a consultation with one of the Doctors to discuss what treatments are available to help say goodbye to acne and pimples. Treatment options can also be explored to assist in the minimising of scarring from previous acne and pimple conditions or episodes.

Please note, priority will be given to emergency situations over those patients with appointments and those who are walk-ins (without an appointment scheduled).