Men's Health Week 2023

At Bribie MediPlus, we’re celebrating Men’s Health Week in 2023 (12-18 June) and this year the theme is all about Healthy Habits! Living with ‘Healthy Habits’ isn’t just about breaking bad habits, but also about forming good ones. Research shows that whilst habits take time to form (and break), creating healthy habits can help with overall wellbeing and mental health.

Habits are those things we consider routine – and that you repeat, often without realising.

Good Habits include things like eating healthy, participating in regular exercise, or maintaining healthy sleep patterns. As well as things like building and maintaining healthy relationships, productive communication, maintaining good hygiene, and juggling a happy work-life balance etc.

Habit experts like Dr Gina Cleo, suggest we need to understand our habits (why we do what we do) and understand the triggers associated with these when we are trying to break old habits. In contrast she suggests forming new habits requires the following:
• Decide on a goal
• Choose a consistent action to move you towards the goal
• Pair your daily action with a cue (or trigger)
• Each time you encounter the cue (or trigger), do the chosen habit.

And how long might this new habit take to form? Research suggests anywhere between 18 to 254 days, but the trick is, the more you do it, the more automatic it’ll become!

Healthy Habits for Men

In celebration of Men’s Health Week, we also asked Dr Arash Mohammadi to share his top Men’s Health or Healthy Habits advice.

“Be sure to do your screenings: prostate checks, bone density test for osteoporosis, heart health check, bowel cancer screening etc. Today they have all become so much less invasive and they can make a difference in catching something early.

I also recommend the following for mentally healthy men. Keep your body healthy (with what you eat, drink, and burn off through exercise); maintain a healthy lifestyle; be mindful (set goals for yourself and have strategies to minimise negative thoughts); and maintain healthy relationships and connections (as humans we need one another).”

For more information on Men’s Health Week visit the Australian Men’s Health Forum.