A great deal of work goes into creating the general practice we have today, so we wouldn’t be here without our staff. Our healthcare workers deliver care to the community directly as doctors, nurses and allied health professionals or indirectly as receptionists, laboratory technicians and aides.

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The most valuable resource for health is healthcare workers, and we are lucky enough to have some of the best! Each member of our team is an essential part of the healthcare ecosystem.

How we say thank you

At Bribie MediPlus, we take the time to say thank you to our staff, because those who do the caring need some care too.

On National Receptionists Day, the 11th of May, we showed our receptionist staff appreciation. Their unwavering patience and bright smiles make our patients feel welcome while their organisation and work ethic supports team. Our nurse felt the love on International Nurses Day, the 12th of May. Amy provides patients with a compassionate hand, empathetic ear, and healing touch. Our doctors, Dr Amala and Dr Michael, were celebrated on the 19th of May for World Family Doctor Day. They bring health and positivity into patients’ lives with their knowledge, skills, and empathy.

Our practice is a family of food lovers, so we celebrated the best way we know how: coffee and cake! Our team took time out of their busy schedules to enjoy, connect and, most importantly, appreciate their efforts.

How you can say thank you

If you missed out on celebrating these notable days, just remember that it is never too late to say ‘thank you’. Although they remind us to recognise the people that care for us, appreciation isn’t confined to certain days of the year.

Our healthcare professionals are driven by your health outcomes, so don’t be afraid to tell them how they’ve helped you!

Thank you!

Bribie MediPlus loves and appreciates our staff.