Health Check for those aged 45-49 years!

As the years continue to tick by, our bodies and health change. Entering middle-age often presents the first sign of a host of new health challenges for many people. So understanding your current health status can help you navigate the next phase in life.

At Bribie MediPlus, the Doctors regularly undertake the FREE 45 to 49 year old health check, on those individuals considered at risk of developing a chronic illness or condition.

The highly recommended 45 to 49 year old health assessment is available to help identify and prevent (or delay) the onset of a chronic disease.
It provides an opportunity for your GP to review and assess your lifestyle, medical history and current health status. This combined with your family history will allow them to determine if you’re “at risk” of developing a chronic disease.
You can then work with your Doctor to implement actions and improve your health status and minimise your risk/s.


To be eligible for this FREE health check, you must be aged between 45 and 49 years and have at least one risk factor for developing a chronic disease, such as:
• High blood pressure
• Impaired glucose metabolism
• High cholesterol
• Family history of chronic disease e.g. Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis etc.
• Lack of physical activity
• Overweight (or a Body Mass index >25)
• Poor diet
• Smoker
• Alcohol misuse

What is involved?

The health check is very straight forward. Your GP and/or Practice Nurse will explain everything to make you feel comfortable, however you can expect the following:
• Information collecting including your medical history and undertaking any relevant investigations and examinations.
• Overall assessment of your current state of health.
• Check your immunisations or screening tests (e.g. PAP smears) are all up to date.
• Advice and information on strategies to improve lifestyle and behaviour risk factors (including community based resources or support services).
• Any referrals to other health providers / professionals (if needed).

Protecting your future health!

You might feel in great health and you’ve had little concern to visit a Doctor in the past. However, a health check at this stage of your life can in invaluable! Prevention is all-to-often key when it comes to your health and making changes. action now can help set you up for better health in the future.

Even being aware of something and making small changes, can assist you in delaying, or even avoiding a chronic disease.

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