Back to School

We know getting back into the swing of things can be a tough ask for parents.

Our lovely nurse and reception team have come up with a handy back to school checklist:

  • Checked and cleaned out those school bags from last year (let’s hope there isn’t an old apple you missed)?
  • Uniforms checked they still fit (with labels or clear name markings)?
  • Vaccinations and health checks all up to date? Book with your GP if you need an appointment before school goes back.
  • Don’t forget to get your books and stationary all sorted.
  • Sun safety – think hats, sunscreen (remembering to pack a tube / roll-on in the school bag) and sunglasses.

We're here to help

We also have some super amazing resources we’ve attached at the bottom of the page to help the whole family start the year off on the best foot possible with some helpful flyers:

  • Healthy Lunchbox Flyer
  • Healthy School Habits

You can also get a copy of these from reception at any time – please just ask the friendly staff. 

Whether it’s their first, last or just a year in between, starting a new school year can be overwhelming for some kids. Be sure to take some extra time as a family and be kind to each other (and ourselves). Afterall, this is just the start of term one and there’s a whole lot of weeks to get through till the end of term four!